Girls Dormitories

Help us build a dormitory for Forty Girls at Bishop Odera's High School

After finding forty high school girls literally squeezed like sardines into a tin shack, our team knew we had to do something. The parable of the "Good Samaritan" came to could we just forge ahead with our busy schedule and ignore their plight? Safety is a serious concern for these young Kenyan women, and is one of the reasons why they are kept all together despite tremendously overcrowded conditions. One of the girls was sexually asaulted on her way home to get water, so in addition to the construction of the dormitory, Hope for Kenya desires to purchase a 10,000 litre (2,640 gallons) rain water collection tank. By providing a water source, the girls will not have to leave the safety of the school grounds. Drilling a well will probably be in our future plans.

To complete this project, we need to raise $15,000. Our goal is to begin construction when our team goes to Kenya in February 2017.


Just click the Donate button or send a check to Hope for Kenya, PO Box 300, Lake Luzerne, NY12846


Project Completed!  3 brand new dormitories have been built in 2017


Why Dormitories? A Modern Day Alternative To Orphanages!

Dormitories are an essential part of the whole Kenyan educational experience. Most girls miss out on their schooling because they have to collect water and stay home and take care of their siblings.

Thanks to your support, The Joy School in Ndhiwa and Nyatambe High School will be able to provide quality boarding facilities for both boys and girls. Boarding students can focus on their studies in a secure environment with comfortable facilities. They benefit from staying in warm, cosy beds with mosquito nets, three nutritious meals each day, and extra homework sessions each evening. They thrive in a nurturing and educational environment. The Joy School and Nyatambe High School are leading the way in providing quality care for their students.

The Need: Approximately 30% of the children in Ndhiwa, Kenya are orphaned due to AIDS and poverty. Hope for Kenya, in partnership with The Joy School in Ndhiwa and Nyatambe High School, has a strategy to integrate the orphans into normal, daily living instead of placing them in an orphanage. 

The Problem: The only way to obtain a worthwhile education in Kenya, where a child will have the opportunity to go to college, is to attend a boarding school. Usually, only wealthy families, who are able to pay the extra fees for tutoring, are able to send their children to these schools. The dormitories we want to build will give these precious children the opportunity to get a great education.

The Strategy: During the school year, children live in the school dormitories with other students whose parents are able to pay boarding fees. This erases the stigma of being raised in an orphanage, and gives them a better chance to qualify for college.