Joy High School

We have spent the last 11 years building the Middle School at Joy and partnering with other Government High Schools that are quite far away from Joy.  In our early years we did not have access to more land at Joy and so it was beneficial to partner with other High Schools.  In 2017 some land becamse available right next to the Joy School and Peter Midodo was quick to purchase it with the dream of one day building a High School that joins the current Joy School.  Since then we have completed new dormitories at Joy, a new kitchen and built two new classrooms on the new land at Joy.  We are gearing up for entering our students into 9th grade instead of sending them away to other schools.  It is a very exciting time!  There are many benefits to keeping our students close to us.  Many of the children we assist are partial or total orphans with no family to educate, feed, or give basic medical care to. Keeping them under our care at Joy ensures that they are closely mentored while they grow and mature from their broken backgrounds.  When children enter High School they are still very young and often emotionally distraught.  Poverty still calls them back to the streets without this chance.  We encourage anyone to donate towards this project today.  We plan to break ground this year and be ready for our 8th grade students to stay with us at Joy and enter into 9th grade.      -  We Thank You!   -  We will keep you updated on our progress!

Be a part of this project by going to "Make a Donation" or send a check to:

Hope for Kenya, Box 300, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

joy high school

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