Annual Desk Building Project

Building a desk for every student

The transformation of a classroom!

If we ever doubted that we make a difference... a picture is worth a thousand words.... everyone’s support has transformed these classrooms.

The team that travelled to Kenya in February in 2012 brought more tools and materials to complete more desks while they were there. We were delighted to learn that the desks are used when Joy Schools International hosts regional teacher’s training seminars for two weeks three times a year. The educators in attendance sat through classes and exams comfortably. Another way that Hope for Kenya is a part of enriching Kenya’s future.

Our team traveled to Ndhiwa with the primary purpose of overseeing the desk building project. Many of the children in school do not have desks or storage for their books and classroom materials. We taught a local man how to build student desks, including carpentry skills and the proper way to use power tools. One of the most exciting parts of this project is that it provided employment for a family for the entire length of time needed to build desks for all the students in the school. We brought tools with us that we left in Kenya, as well as a table saw we purchased while we were there. If you would like to donate money for the tools and supplies already purchased, as well as the lumber that they need to continue this project, please click on the DONATION tab.

Every year we need to build 30 new desks just to keep up with the growth of our sponsorship program.

2018 Desk Project Completed, 2019 Project is underway.

30 Desks cost $1,000 (approx $35 each)