Boy's Dormitory Project (Bishop Odera High School)

When Hope for Kenya first began building dormitories for the girls at the Bishop Odera High School, we would have no idea the vast impact that would be made. Two years following the completion of the well drilling project as well as the dormitories for the girls; sexual assaults that were becoming common place for the girls as they walked home after school or collected water from local streams during dusk have nearly been eliminated. For the girls, this is a miracle, but they have asked us not to forget the boys who still live in a tin shack which commonly reaches temperatures of over 100 degrees during the day and at night is damp and temperatures plummet.  

We have started to prepare the foundation, purchase concrete blocks, sand and cement. We are ready to start! To complete this dormitory we need funds for laborers, the roof, windows, doors and bunk beds. Students will be returning and the new school year will begin soon. Please help us finish this project before the boys return in January 2019.

Balance needed to complete project $10,000

UPDATE December 7th Balance needed $3,000 for Roof,  $2,000 for 20 bunk beds

Be a part of this project by going to "Make a Donation" or send a check to:                  Hope for Kenya, Box 300, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846.