The Village of Hope Project

**Derek and MaryJane Bevan have recently stepped down from their involvement with Hope For Kenya to fully dedicate themselves to the Village of Hope. We at Hope For Kenya realize the enormity of this project and we fully support Derek and MaryJane. We are proud that out of Hope For Kenya the calling of a new ministry has been placed on the hearts of Derek and MaryJane. To follow their adventure please visit

Throughout our 13 years in Kenya, we have seen the plight of women and children through difficulty in obtaining and sustaining an education, a lack of access to clean water, violence, sexual abuse, and all too common child bride occurrences. While we have assisted other schools, and currently have over 350 sponsored students, we know we needed to do more. We have realized that while we are making a great impact in the education of many students, female students are still facing a disproportionate amount of discrimination. We have heard the stories of gender violence, assault, and an ambivalence towards secondary and higher education. For this reason, a new ministry has been called; to build a new school; focused on primary as well as vocational education with a sponsorship program for primary students continuing on with area high school and seeing students go on to university, many whom have earned top scores and could not foresee a future without sponsorship. “The Village of Hope School” will be in a high trafficked area where many girls are not given an opportunity to obtain an education, general education levels are low, and poverty is staggeringly high. This school will not only give hope to the local community, but will increase business with the local economy, as well as give a future to children and girls who desperately need it. While we foresee a primary building for grades pre-school through eight, we also will heavily focus on pregnant and teenage mothers who wish to continue their education without the struggle of wondering who will care for their children. A facility where these girls can both learn and have childcare for their children as well as a safe place to call “home”. This will afford these girls and young women a refuge to create a future for themselves and the future of their children. The Village of Hope will not only provide an education, but bring forth a higher quality life experience as well as create life-long sustaining relationships with the local community through civic engagement.