Victory Joshua  (Grade: 4)

This young man has lost both of his parents and is in the care of his 80 year old grandmother who’s health is fading. His father went fishing three years ago and no one has seen him since. They are not sure what happened to him. A natural disaster or an attack is very likely. He has an older brother who had to drop out of school because he could not afford the small fee of public school. He is a full time motorcycle taxi driver, of which there are many in Kenya. If you listen to Victory you can see that his dream job is to be just like his older brother. That shows you the lack of hope this young man has when he can’t see beyond the circumstance of his decimated family life. At Joy School we can provide him full room and board that will see him all the way to University. Won’t you stand with Victory today. Your small commitment will absolutely change his future today! Thank you!

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