Dago Classroom Project

The Dago village is where Peter Midodo grew up surrounded by a multitude of family members many of whom still live there today. Kevin and Sarah Maynard who founded Hands and Feet of Hope (https://handsandfeetofhope.org), became actively involved in the community, teaching the women to make paper beads for necklaces and bracelets, providing micro loans to empower ladies to provide for themselves.  Amazing progress has been made in these areas but one area remained a desperate need. Education for the children! After visiting the local school and finding small classrooms with over 100 students packed like sardines Sarah knew she had to do something for these children.

Upon returning to the States they began to raise funds in the Fall of 2017 to begin the multi classroom project. As of July 2021 seven classrooms have been built thanks to their tireless efforts and the generosity of their friends and friends of Hope for Kenya. We only have two more classrooms to build for the school to be complete!

Each classroom costs $10,000 to build.

Be a part of this project by going to "Make a Donation" or send a check to:

Hope for Kenya, Box 300, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846